Receive the final chapters of The Murders on Three Bridges

You’ve looked up this page because you’ve read the first 22 chapters of The Murders on Three Bridges, and now you’re eager to receive the final three chapters and its epilogue to confirm whether you were right about this locked-room mystery.

The intention for making you go through this trouble was to challenge you to pause and contemplate on what actually happened on board Stella Australis.

Based on the facts presented, what you have read so far should have been enough for you to figure out the three important things that I have challenged you to explain:

1. Who is the murderer?

2. What was the motive for the killing?

3. How did the murderer escape from the bridge, leaving it locked from the inside?

Below, there is a link to submit your answers to these three questions. Remember, it doesn’t matter whether your hypothesis is wrong or right – you will immediately receive a reply with the missing chapters detailing the conclusion of this locked-room mystery.

Now, should you hit the jackpot by giving the correct answers to all three questions, you will – in addition to the missing chapters – also receive a free copy of another locked-room mystery: The Patricide. (For more details, go to “THE BOOKS” in this web site’s menu).

Submit your hypothesis by clicking here!

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