When the full moon makes dogs howl

I am your tomcat on the prowl

You’d rather be dead than in my shoes

I’m unwanted news

I am the hobo in the rain

Forever waiting on a train

I am the feud without a truce

I’m the stray cat blues



I’m what’s left when everything fails

If there’s a coffin, I’m its nails

I’m found in every kind of abuse

I tint every bruise

My home’s a bottle and a glass

I’ve got nine lives that we will pass

I’m not a bomb, but I’m its fuse

I’m the stray cat blues


I’m middle age that’s lost all former charms

I’m the needle shared by human junkyard arms

The Edgar Allan Poe subject for a tale

I’m love on fire sale

I’m all the trouble that was overbooked

I’m the opportunity that you overlooked

And I was made, I’m proud to say,

for singing on a rainy day


(… continued …)