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Tales You Never Suspected

Eight hilarious stories narrating things you never imagined would happen …

My Thousand and One Last Suppers; Arabia, 1973 – 1976 

An arrogant jet setter ends up condemned to death in an Arabian jail. Using his vast gourmet knowledge, he cunningly strikes a daily deal to cook for the small country's ruler in exchange for a few hours of extended life. As his skills expand, he will have the Sheikh's stomach at his mercy – but his head belongs to the Sheikh.

Time to Go to Work; Mexico City, 1996

Patience and plenty of time are required in this Latin American megalopolis where new events constantly distract the narrator in his challenging task to get to work. 

A Slight Imperfection in the Balance; Madrid, 1990

When you bet on a box-office draw, the final screenplay can turn out very challenging to the author of the book that it is based on. This satire about the vanities and cynical pursuits in the movie industry is based on the records of a brainstorm around a film project.

Standing in me Own Shadow; England, 1952 – 1988

Success may be just around the corner when you least expect it. From his recollections for an unfinished autobiography, here are the challenging memoirs of a recent self-made millionaire hunting for all the pleasures money can buy. 

The Hawk and the Bull; New York; 1988

Talking for the goods and selling the wares is the trade of this successful advertising conglomerate. Although destiny works against the boss’s initial decisions, the resulting mix-up works out to the best for everybody.

The Secrets of the Secretaire; Paris; 1782 – 2006 

An antiques dealer’s successful bid at an auction leads to several enriching discoveries about the provenance of the writing desk he has bought.

Promising Stars; Paris; 1997 – 1999

A couple of starry-eyed swindlers try to hit the big time with small-time schemes, until they finally stumble upon an idea with astronomical potential.

The End of the Wild Strawberry Days; Paris – Bristol; 1969 – 2004

Passion belongs to youth, and youth is a limited resource quickly wasted, never to return. Over the years Paula and Gaston’s passionate days in the past become diluted into a faded memory that not even wild strawberries can revive.

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