Coming out of a coma, Matthias Callaghan finds himself tied to a hospital bed, wrapped in bandages and suffering from amnesia. As he gradually recovers his memory, Callaghan discovers that he – in a case of greed and mistaken identity – has been mutilated and subject to a full face transplant while comatose. 

    After being released from the hospital, Callaghan spends months in solitary depression using his intelligence to plot revenge on those who have caused him the loss of his identity and former privileged life. 

    He eventually learns that a full revenge must include the Russian Mafia, a treacherous lawyer named Rathbone, his former business partner Allan, his estranged father and the wife he has recently divorced.


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Excerpt: The Lost Identity Casualties 


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The Lost Identity Casualties

"Ekemar plays the plot beautifully ... Through an intricate weaving of character, circumstance, mistaken identity and coincidence, he constructs an engaging, original storyline ... Good thing that the the next installment is already out there! A multilayered tale with fresh twists." - Kirkus Reviews

"The writing is intelligent and sophisticated. A London computer businessman, brutally tortured by the Russian Mafia when he is mistaken for his father, seeks revenge and personal renewal in Kim Ekemar's intricately plotted, character-rich, intercontinental thriller. This is a well-conceived tale for those who enjoy smart, complex, global intrigue." - Clarion Foreword Reviews

"This is a very captivating novel with a very good plot. The beginning immediately draws the reader into the complex web of mystery that surrounds the situation that Matthias is in. The author has done a lot of careful preparation and planning by researching many technical aspects of the plot and by cross-checking the logistics of Matthias's different identities and his interrelationships with other characters." - Amazon Editorial Reviews

"Part mystery and part revenge story, there's a lot that happens in barely over 200 pages, and it's all woven together with interesting characters and a fantastic amount of creativity ... The Lost Identity Casualties is part of a tetralogy of books. As someone who enjoyed this first entry so much, I was excited to find out all three of the other books are already available - nothing is worse than waiting to find out what's going to happen next! ... It takes a lot of skill to bring so many interesting characters together, explore their histories, build a great main character, plot out some wild revenge plots and watch what happens, all while making some fascinating points about the follies of greed and pride. This one genuinely feels not only like a book that folks should read, but one that could easily be discussed." - OnlineBookClub Reviews