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Matthias Callaghan wakes up from a coma to find he's been subject to a face transplant. He discovers that the reasons behind the mutilation he has suffered are greed and mistaken identity. The Russian Mafia, a deceitful lawyer, his business partner, his estranged father and his ex-wife have played a part in the loss of his face and his identity – and he plots revenge on them all.


After his revenge and a successful second transplant Matthias Callaghan eases into a different life. Too late he realises that Scotland Yard, The Russian Mafia’s solicitor, a London gangster and swindled old ladies want to nail him in the belief that he’s the identity he has assumed. They all believe he’s stolen millions. Callaghan’s only way out is to negotiate a murder under a different guise.



Questioned by the police, Callaghan must make an impossible choice: which of his adopted identities he should reveal. In either case he risks prison and losing a fortune. He flees the UK, but on route to Australia via the US he’s tracked down by a hired assassin. Callaghan must change his plans and escapes to Mexico unaware of the manhunt mounted by the Mafia, drug cartels, Interpol and the FBI.



Chased by criminals and police agencies, Callaghan escapes by starting a new life in Australia. Half a year later he’s found by the police and again goes on the run. With his girlfriend he hides on Bali, until they are forced to solve the root to all his problems: his lost identity. They decide on a daring plan to remove all threats to his existence and recover his true identity.

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Excerpt: The Callaghan Tetralogy 

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The Callaghan Septology I–IV

"A London businessman, brutally tortured by the Russian mafia when he is mistaken for his father, seeks revenge and personal renewal in The Complete Callaghan Tetralogy, Kim Ekemar’s intricately plotted, character-rich, intercontinental thriller. After receiving a face transplant and artificial fingers, Matthias Callaghan pieces together what led to his kidnapping and mutilation. The four-part story traces his pursuit of justice, particularly regarding his former business partner whose draining of the Russians’ bank account via Matthias’s father’s laptop spurred the kidnapping. The mistaken identity arises from Matthias and his father having the same name. Matthias’s quest takes him across the globe and into contact with a vast array of people, both upright and unscrupulous. Engaging subplots involve sex-slave traffickers and wealthy, elderly women who are seeking their own justice after being swindled by his father. The story’s many plot threads are meticulously interlaced, and the pieces come together in a coherent conclusion. That’s a considerable feat because there’s a lot going on and many characters to keep track of. The writing is intelligent and sophisticated. The main characters deftly conduct global transactions and their tastes include fine dining, expensive cars, and five-star accommodations. Prose is also detail-rich, which sometimes benefits the story and sometimes detracts from it. There are vivid descriptions of places Matthias travels to, including Sydney and Acapulco. The action satisfyingly progresses in intensity until it culminates in a thrilling, global chase across the United States, Mexico, and Australia. The cover image of a patient with a heavily bandaged face and one intense, staring eye grabs immediately. The Callaghan Tetralogy is a well-conceived tale for those who enjoy smart, complex, global intrigue.”

– Foreword Clarion Reviews

“What could be worse than waking up to discover that you had no memory of who you were and that you had no fingers? Nothing could be worse. Except, perhaps unravelling the bandages from your face to see a strange face staring back at you in the mirror. A face that is not your own. So starts the beginning of a series of books titled The Callaghan Tetralogy.

“Matthias Callaghan III’s life is torn apart due to a misidentification, after his former business partner, Allan Gould, makes a transaction in which he steals a large amount of money from the Russian Mafia. Allan uses Callaghan III’s fathers computer as a proxy, and since father and son have the same name, guess who gets the blame? The Russian Mafia inflict torture on Callaghan and leave him to die. Fortunately, he is found and taken to a hospital in Switzerland that specializes in reconstructive surgeries, such as the one he needs. Here he is given a donors face and prosthetic fingers.

“After Callaghan learns the full story, he is intent on only one thing. Revenge. He sets out to extract revenge on all those whom he thinks had a part to play in his downfall. He leaves no stone unturned. With his new face he is able to take on the persona of the person to whom it previously belonged in order to carry out his plans. Although, later in the Tetralogy the tables get turned, and the ones that he took revenge on start to piece the puzzle together and begin their search for him.

“The main character, Matthias, is brilliantly created. He is determined, calculating and clever; he concocts plans in which to see his enemies’ downfall. We see that the face transplant changes his character from the person that he was before, and there is anger and bitterness over what has happened. One thing about the book is that there are quite a lot of characters that the reader needs to keep track of. However, the author does include a page at the front of the book in which it outlines all the main characters names and their roles in the story.

“There is no doubt in my mind that this book receives the highest rating. This book gets four out of four stars from me. It had all the right ingredients for a great read: crime, horror, family problems, international intrigue and even romance. You would definitely need to read these books in sequence, as you would miss a lot of information if you did not. Several parts of the story may seem gruesome to some, as it describes the torture that the Russian Mafia put Callaghan through.

“I would highly recommend this book to all readers who love a good crime, mystery and horror novel. I would even recommend this book to those who do not usually read this genre; perhaps this book will change their mind. I do not usually read this genre, but I am glad that I chose this book; it kept me intrigued and captivated my imagination.”

– OnlineBookClub Reviews