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After Callaghan wakes up to discover that he’s been abandoned with two corpses in the Sahara, he struggles to make it back to Europe and London. His foremost worry is the loss of the pills that he must take to prevent the rejection of his face transplant. 

He eventually makes it across North Africa, only to find it necessary to board a precarious vessel that will take him and hundreds of other hopeful African immigrants to Italy. After barely surviving the disastrous sea voyage, he makes his slow journey through Italy to finally reach St Puys – the clinic where he has gone through his two face transplants.

Callaghan manages to convince Dr Sternmacher at St Puys to transfer him clandestinely to London, where he hopes to reunite with his wife, Samantha. However, she has departed from her hotel days earlier. Since Callaghan by coincidence has recovered the keys to his former flat and with nothing better to do, he decides to pay it a visit. 

He’s in for a great surprise.

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Excerpt: The Hourglass Running out of Sand 

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The Hourglass Running out of Sand

“Left for dead in the Sahara Desert beside two corpses, Matthias Callaghan—with no money, ID, or meds—finagles his way to his doctor in Switzerland and then to London

“In this sixth installment of his series, Ekemar continues to breathe excitement into his face-changing, vengeance-filled, Jekyll and Hyde premise. There’s solid prose, action, plot turns, and conniving among the fully developed protagonists and antagonists alike. As in previous installments, the author nicely sets up his readers for the next episode with a grand finale, leaving various threads hanging.

“This tale’s well-drawn characters move like clockwork through a series of wild, suspenseful plot twists in a danse macabre of greed, murder, and revenge.”

                  – Kirkus Reviews