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Under the shrewd leadership of Vasily Ivanovich, the Russian Mafia in London is rapidly expanding its business in Europe. To launder the enormous proceeds, they strategically embark on a new, ingenious way to make the profits legal.

The heir to the deceased London gangster Jeremiah Flint’s fortune decides to send incriminating evidence about Matthias Callaghan to Scotland Yard in retaliation for Callaghan’s past dealings with his uncle. When Callaghan travels with his young family from Australia to Italy, he’s arrested upon arrival.

After being extradited to the UK, Callaghan is eventually released from jail after putting up the requested bail. However, minutes after leaving prison, he vanishes despite, by court order, being equipped with a tracking device. 



When Callaghan regains consciousness and discovers that he has been abandoned in the Sahara, he despairs about how to make it back to London without money or a phone. He eventually makes it to the Mediterranean Sea, where his only alternative to return to Europe is to risk a precarious journey that will take him and several hundreds of hopeful, illegal African emigrants to Italy. 

After barely surviving the disastrous sea voyage, he continues his eventful journey through Italy to finally reach St Puys – the Swiss clinic where his two face transplants were performed.

Knowing he’s wanted by Interpol, at St Puys Callaghan convinces Dr Sternmacher to transfer him clandestinely to London. There, the penniless Callaghan pays a visit to the flat he was once the owner of, where a great surprise awaits him.



To his great relief, Callaghan is declared innocent of the murder he has been charged with. After assisting the Metropolitan Police to expose the Russian Mafia’s operation in the UK, he returns to Australia. Meanwhile, the head of the Russian Mafia, in an attempt to get his former life back, decides on a clever, unconventional solution to hide from Interpol. 

When Dr Sternmacher calls Callaghan to warn him about an issue that can’t be discussed over the phone, he reluctantly accepts to go back to Europe. Callaghan eventually discovers that Mafia boss Vasily has adopted a new, foolproof identity, but also that Vasily has abducted his wife Samantha in Australia. In exchange for her release, Vasily demands his immediate presence in Paris. 

Then a shared, unexpected and terrifying event changes life for both of them, leading Vasily and Callaghan to face each other during a long, tense night.             

At dawn, they go separate ways, determined to find a way to bring the other one down – for good.

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Excerpt: The  Callaghan Endgame Trilogy 

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The Callaghan Septology V–VII

"The Callaghan Endgame Trilogy by Kim Ekemar is a continuation of the series of books titled The Callaghan Tetralogy. The author has thus named the entire collection of books The Callaghan Septology.

"Ekemar is a talented writer who is able to weave the lives of the characters in such a way as to keep the reader entertained. The main character of the story is Matthias Callaghan: a man who has gone through many trials in his life, including losing his identity. Yet, if Callaghan thought that he would have a peaceful life, and that he had left all of his previous life behind, he could not have been more wrong. Some of the themes of the book include questions about identity and karma.

"While a lot of the previous story focused on Callaghan, this trilogy gives a greater insight into Vasily Ivanovich, the leader of the Russian Mafia in London. Vasily is going through some big changes of his own. His whole organisation and even his identity is at stake. He needs to make some important decisions in order to salvage what he now has. We also see the return of Dr Sternmacher, the doctor who performed the face transplant for Callaghan, and several other characters from the previous books.

"Since these books are part of a septology, it is highly recommended that they are read in order and in conjunction with the previous The Callaghan Tetralogy. I rate this trilogy a 4 out of 4 stars. It continues with the same interesting storyline and builds on the characters’ stories while showing character progression. This trilogy is sure to appeal to those who enjoy mystery, action and drama."  

               – OnlineBookClub Reviews