THE WORLD WAS TOLD TODAY ON THE NEWS                          


You go to war because of fear

Of weapons that then disappear

Wars won’t be going out of style

They will go on for quite a while

The banking system will not crash

before the rich recoup their cash

All others will be certain to lose

The world was told today on the news



A train derailed; a plane has crashed

It’s known the sec the news is flashed

You can’t stay cool, there’s climate change

A school class shot by some deranged

Insisting that we should be told

‘bout sex and drugs and rock ’n’ roll

A daily dose will keep you amused

The world was told today on the news



Give me the details – show me what’s wrecked

Dress it in pictures and words for effect

With questions ‘bout life and stories of death

What’s in the news leaves you gasping for breath



The headlines scream disaster’s near

They impact both your eyes and ears

We all seek fifteen-minute fame

While last week’s hero’s getting blame

While gold is up, the stocks are down

Investments are no longer sound

Your confidence has now been abused

The world was told today on the news


(… continued …)