After a second full face transplant Matthias Callaghan eases into a different life together with his new girlfriend Samantha. Not until too late does he realise that the Metropolitan police, the Russian Mafia's legal adviser, a gangster boss named Flint and a group of swindled octogenarian ladies continue their attempts to confront the person they believe he is. The sudden reappearance of his ex-wife makes his life trickier still. Then, when his former business partner is released from prison, Callaghan is sued for millions.Hard pressed from all sides, Callaghan's solution to his situation is to adopt one of his former identities in an attempt to neutralise his enemies by negotiating an assassination.


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Excerpt: Where the Bones of a Buried Rat Lie  


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Where the Bones of a Buried Rat Lie

"This is multilayered writing at its best, as plot tendrils reach in all directions, and at its center is Callaghan himself—a victim of mistaken identity … It’s a must for those who enjoyed the previous volume. This well-written thriller’s complex plotting and characterization make for a fine read.– Kirkus Reviews

"Callaghan’s quest takes him across the globe and into contact with a vast array of people, both upright and unscrupulous. Engaging subplots involve sex-slave traffickers and wealthy, elderly women who are seeking their own justice after being swindled by his father. The story’s many plot threads are meticulously interlaced, and the pieces come together in a coherent conclusion. That’s a considerable feat because there’s a lot going on and many characters to keep track of. The writing is intelligent and sophisticated … a well-conceived tale for those who enjoy smart, complex, global intrigue.” – Clarion Foreword Reviews

“The intricacy with which Matthias plans and juggles his life according to what face he is wearing is quite amazing, and the author shows great skill and dexterity in managing and organizing all his relationships so that he never gets caught in one of his impersonations … The number of storylines adds to the depth, intrigue, and originality of the plot. – Amazon Editorial Reviews