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When he's taken in for questioning by the police, Matthias Callaghan is faced with two options: to maintain the identity he has been obliged to adopt or to reveal his real one. For different reasons, in either case he risks going to prison and losing a fortune.

    Callaghan realises that he must flee Europe and decides to start a new life in Australia. After selling off everything he owns, he travels to USA to shake off any pursuers. Unknown to him, he's nevertheless followed by an assassin. After the assassin catches up with him at a desert hotel, Callaghan understands that he has to change his escape plan and instead crosses the border to Mexico.

    Unaware of the extent of the manhunt mounted to find him, he's all of a sudden preyed upon by the FBI, Interpol, two competing drug cartels, a London gangster kingpin and the Russian Mafia.


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Excerpt: The Quarry at the Crossroads 


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The Quarry at the Crossroads

"As usual, Ekemar expertly balances his myriad schemes and characters … this penultimate volume is an electrifying thrill ride that sends its disparate characters rushing toward their various destinies. The author tops it all off by leaving readers teetering on a cliffhanger. Once again, Ekemar’s well-drawn, realistic characters and wild, suspenseful plot render this an absolute must-read for series fans.– Kirkus Reviews

“The plot is suspenseful and tightly constructed. Throughout the manuscript, the suspenseful tone is kept up well from all points of view. The international crime, medical, and economic content all struck me as believable and well researched. The book is indeed hard to put down.– Amazon Editorial Reviews

“The writing is intelligent and sophisticated. The main characters deftly conduct global transactions in prose that is detail-rich. The story’s many plot threads are meticulously interlaced, and the pieces come together in a coherent conclusion. That’s a considerable feat because there’s a lot going on and many characters to keep track of. This is a well-conceived tale for those who enjoy smart, complex, global intrigue.” – Foreword Clarion Reviews