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Chased across the world by police and criminals alike, Matthias Callaghan eludes them all by hiding in Australia. With his girlfriend Samantha, he starts a new life in the belief that he hasn't left traces behind allowing Interpol, the Russian Mafia and a London gangster named Flint to find him. Six months later he finds out that he's wrong.

    Once again on the run, he and Samantha escapes to a distant island where they try to come to grips with Callaghan's quandary. Due to the greed and mistakes of others, he has lost his face, his identity and his former privileged life. Although the price to pay will be steep, the pair settles on a daring plan to remove all threats to Callaghan's existence and allow him to recover his true identity.


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Excerpt: The Tollbooth in the Labyrinth 


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The Tollbooth in the Labyrinth

“Ekemar packs the finale of this original, complex tale with action and intrigue from stem to stern … As in earlier installments, Callaghan’s schemes are intricate and brilliant, as is Ekemar’s successful juggling of the sheer volume of characters, deceits, motives, and themes … A fitting thrill ride of a conclusion to a four-book series packed with complex characters, motives, and themes that will delight and perhaps trouble, but not disappoint, fans of this series.” – Kirkus Reviews

“The intricacy with which it is developed, the cohesiveness that weaves the story lines together, and the suspense that is built through the skillfully constructed flashbacks and timely changes of scene combine to form a very intelligently written manuscript in the fiction/suspense genre. ... The plot is wonderfully complex and creative without being overly complicated; it is very absorbing in the sense that good mysteries are intricate and reflect life’s complexity. The reader is constantly kept in suspense as the intrigue builds ... In fact, the plot and the story lines are quite original and inventive!” – Amazon Editorial Reviews

“The cover image of a patient with a heavily bandaged face and one intense, staring eye grabs immediately. The writing is intelligent and sophisticated. There are vivid descriptions of places Matthias travels to, including Sydney and Acapulco. The action satisfyingly progresses in intensity until it culminates in a thrilling, global chase across the United States, Mexico, and Australia. This is a well-conceived tale for those who enjoy smart, complex, global intrigue.– Clarion Foreword Reviews