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This page covers four volumes of lyrics in the Words on the Wing series:

I. When the Reds Fade from Purple (You're Left with the Blues)

II. Riddles & Madness

III. Dovetail Deals by the Devil's Door

IV. Life in the Rearview Mirror

NOTE: Excerpts from the works marked in bold can be read on this web site.


I. When the Reds Fade from Purple (You're Left with the Blues)


Water, my Lover


Cliffhanger Blues

No Return

Deep Blue Blues

Poem for a Lost Cause

Stray Cat Blues

You’d Better Start Doing the Things That You Don’t

The Secret Silver Box


My Only Friend

The Saddest Lover

Two-timer Blues

The Spiral of Hell


II. Riddles & Madness


The Challenge

Woman is a Mystery

Evoking Images of Pagan Rites

I Am Running This Show

When You Have a System to Beat


The Shooting Target

A Toast, to You Gentlemen of Greed

The Winning Horse


A Tea Leaf’s Jackanory

To You I Am Just a Game

Inside the Serpent’s Theatre of Lost Illusions

Your Heart is a Safe

The Thief


III. Dovetail Deals by the Devil's Door


Lovers at the Midnight Burning

The Devil’s Waiting List

The Castle & the Conqueror

Imagine, Francesca


The Deal

On the Run

The Stallion of Death

Speedy Gonzales’ reply (50 years later)

Dark Trade

The Devil’s Weather

Just Another Drink

The World Was Told Today on the News

Prince of Darkness


IV. Life in the Rear-view Mirror


The Push-and-pulling Act

I Travelled East, I Journeyed West

Body Talk

The Girl with Cinnamon Skin

The Princeling


The Wind & the Rain

Don’t Bother with Goodbye, Stranger

Sunny Afternoon Revisited

Who Said Life Is Fair

Seasons of Love

The Day She Made It Rain Forever

Rusted Passion

I Don’t Believe

All According to the Master Plan