She’s draped in the fog that rolls in from the sea

Her eyes, full of mist, smile mysteriously

And brimming with light, the sight of her wells

Invite me, entice me, to swim in their spell

Her hair cascades in waves in the breeze

Her mouth parades a promise to please  

Two rivers meet in the sea they make

The water’s sweet in the rivers’ wake



She beckons me on from the bridge I have crossed

My glances are speaking the words I have lost

She touches my face, which is moist with desire

Then kisses my mouth as she sets me on fire

An undercurrent flushes my spine

Her body whirls to brush against mine

We go where only lovers raft

And love alone will guide our craft


Water, my lover, come rush to my side

And carry this ship on your rising tide

Let me float in your ocean, embrace my soul

You slip through my fingers, so hard to hold



The woman’s an ocean, my ship feels her breeze

The tide rushes in reaching over my knees

She whispers: “My harbour’s a comforting place

Where you can cast anchor in my sweet embrace

Come, sail to me, your soul’s adrift

Your youth will be my suitor’s gift”

And, dressed in shells, her body of sea

With heaving swells lies waiting for me


(… continued …)