The Plant of Evil Revealed

38 The plant of evil revealed_ 2002.JPG

This is the second of three paintings, forming part of both a story sequel and a life-long experience. 

    The first painting , The Plant of Evil, was executed by the painter at the ageof seventeen. Sold, and then returned to the painter after thirty-three years, he painted this sequel based on the first painting of which he had no memories. The third painting will be done by him at the age of eighty-three, after another 33 years have lapsed. This third painting will be called The Plant of Evil: The Final Solution.

    The second version gives several, although incomplete, explanations to the painting executed thirty-three years previously.

    The smaller flower is now more threatening. Its tongue is wrapped around a victim whose arm is the only part visible. An identification number is tattooed on the arm.

    The larger flower is more developed than the one in the previous painting, and it sports a similar tongue. The flower has the face of Adolf Hitler. His teeth have turned into those of a predator’s. The paper with the star of David is glued to his forehead. His hair replicates Medusa’s, with its many crawling snakes. 

    The serpent, which in the past painting had begun as a sprout on the same branch as the monstrous head, has now grown though its mouth and out of one eye socket. It looks ahead towards the future.

    The sky has darkened with ominous clouds heralding the approaching storm. In the horizon the darkness of the former painting has now been replaced by the lights of weapons being fired against a background of lightnings. “Die Blitzkrieg” [Lightning War] has been introduced to human history. 

    On other parts of the plant, the syringe has now been emptied into the branch that supports it. The effect from the liquid, white and undisturbed, is an experiment with DNA genetics, suggesting those made by “The Angel of Death”, Josef Mengele.

    The wind sock has been replaced for one in red and white colors showing where the wind blows. The match has been transformed into an olympic torch. The leaves have turned into a stack of bills with the many zeros of hyperinflation.

    The axe stuck in the ground has the executor’s head located on the handle. In lieu of the simple tool depicted in the previous painting, the axe has transformed into nostalgia symbol from a pseudo-romantic past. The intense gaze in the eyes in the decapitated victim’s head continue to stare from the executioner’s hood and his Gestapo cap. The blood no longer flows; it now trickles slowly into the bottle which is less than half full. The rope, previously tied to the shaft of the ax, hangs from the tip of the smaller flower’s tongue. At the other end of the rope a cage with an apple is swinging, indicating that knowledge is being controlled.

    The poker is now exposed through a crack in the flower pot. Stuck on is another apple that is being roasted over a bonfire of books. The cigarette, put out and with lipstick smears, lies in its shadow. In the smoke from the bonfire, the drops of saliva from the monstrous head are dancing. On the right side the yellow object has swung a quarter of a turn and is revealed to be a pocket watch. On its face the most important years for the progress of nazism are shown.

    The spider has exchanged its simple web for one of steel that covers the opening of the flower pot. Cyanide gas is spreading through the grating.

    The cracks in the flower pot has grown into a swastika. The shards from these have fallen on the ground with the glassy side upwards, spelling the word “HEIL”, instead of “HELL” in the previous painting. The shards of glass are a reference to the “Kristallnacht” in November 1938. In the center of the swastika an arm holds a globe in a firm grip. 

    As in the previous painting, unchanged and remaining in the exact same position, a tiger tail dominates. Although all other elements in the composition have moved or changed, including the flower pot that now is located more to the right, the tiger tail is the only thing that is constant. It is the symbol for the evil in humans.

    In this, the second of three paintings, many clues have been given, but the most important ones are still missing. The final explanation will be shown in painting that will be executed in the year 2035.